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Elusive Golden Bear Trophy

So this year it seems that everyone began to step up their game.  “Escopeta” began actual golf lessons “Big Wood” watched a lot of golf on his television and rest of us well… we attempted some indoor golf during the winter.  With greater competition…

Start of the season at Hilltop Golf Course

Well if you missed it…  Sunday was an amazing day to golf.  Some snow was a little bit stubborn but MGA made it work!  Hope to see everyone out on the courses soon, minus the snow.

MGA Championship Belts

We have a new quest at MGA.  A championship clash.. two man teams battling through their opponents ambitions and desires to be #1.  Who will emerge victorious and hold the true power of the Championship Belts!!!  Well unfortunately for Scooter McGavin and Honey Woods it won’t be them. Though they…

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