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This past few of weeks M.G.A has had an opportunity to try out some new products.  Just
wanted to share some of our experiences with you.
First is a new divot repair tool.  We have all been getting better with the season so
we have been hitting more greens with our approaches.  With proper etiquette and care for
your fellow golfers we definitely want to repair our ball marks before putting.  We tried out a few repair tools and the one from Pitchfix® really stands out!  Its beautifully constructed and combined with its performance makes it a group favorite.  It is made from aircraft aluminum and has a rubberized grip surrounding it. Completed with a pitch fork design that has a switchblade function it is so easy to use and comfortable.  Definitely check it out.
Next is the “#1 glove in golf”.  The Foot Joy custom glove.  This glove is without a doubt
premium, made with Cabretta leather it is specially tanned to resist water and perspiration.  It is extremely soft, tight grip and comfortable.  This one has the Detroit Tiger logo for a ball marker but we have seen them with Red Wing, MSU, U of M, and Detroit Lion ball markers… so you can pick your favorite!
This is an important one, a cigar clip.   I have forgotten about a few cigars and lost them,
which is not fun especially when some can get pricey.  So the Cigar Minder is a great fix.  It
clips to the golf cart and has bright orange accents for reminders that it is there.  If you
smoke cigars during your golf round I would give this Cigar Minder a chance its helped out
on multiple occasions
Next has to be the cigars that are being held by the previous product.  Acid cigars have
become my absolute favorite.  I think the best flavor is the Acid Blue Connecticut.
It uses a blend of cured tobacco that creates an aroma and flavor that is unique and
flavorful.  You are tastefully rewarded with this purchase.  Acid has multiple flavors in their highly regarded line up.  You will not be disappointed.
The Zero Friction Compression golf glove is another M.G.A. favorite.  These gloves are a
one size fits all which sounds generic… but are just the opposite and fit amazingly.  It
surpasses the flexibility and comfort than any other glove I have tried.
Zero Friction glove also provides a breathable Lycra mesh on the back of your hand to reduce perspiration.  It supports your grip with additional padding where its
needed the most.  Next time you are in a pro shop try one on, you will be pleasantly surprised

Guest Player – “Mayday Maday”


Guest Player – “Jim & Tonic”


Guest Player – “Luke Greenwalker”


Guest Player – Nicktavious Caldwell Slice


Guest Player – Gary “Ruth”


Guest Player – “Genghis” Kahn


Guest Player – “Cam a Lot”


Guest Player – “Tim Bits”


Guest Player – Brian “All Irons”


Bay Pointe Golf Club Review



West Bloomfield, Michigan – This week M.G.A visited Bay Pointe
Golf Club.  Rates are 18 holes for $40 M-F and weekends are $49
and cart fee is included.  The price is worth it.  It is a beautiful course
that has “impeccably manicured fairways and greens”
just as advertised.  Being surrounded by sculpted landscape, gracious
foliage and on Middle Straits Lake in West Bloomfield makes this
course a gem!

It also has a driving range that is located next to hole #1 so
warming up is perfectly convenient while you wait for your tee time.

The staff is great, prepared and focused but still conversation friendly.
The starter understood the flow of the course and your send off is well
Overall the course is attractive and a delight to play.  The greens looked
like carpet and manicured just as claimed.
A group favorite is the 6th hole par 4.  It has a challenging dogleg to the
left where the entire left side or the fairway
is Middle Straits Lake!  Dangerous if you play a draw.  Even the second
shot has
drama with a wall of cattails on your right and more water left side…
don’t be long either, more water!  Without a doubt you will have a good
story to tell after playing this hole.
At the turn we stopped for a brat at the cook house.  The chef and brat
where amazing!  Seriously best brat ever, I think I would actually stop
there just to get a brat to go.  I must say the beverage cart also had
some personality, definitely have to give a shout out to Jamie, Ava and
Darian.  They made the course even more enjoyable with their charisma
and smiles.
Overall we felt the course was splendid with an enjoyable layout.  The
water around the course was challenging but beautiful.  Finally they have an
amazing staff that ensures a fun round.  Bay Pointe Golf Club
is a must play.
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