MGA Championship Belts

We have a new quest at MGA.  A championship clash.. two man teams battling through their opponents ambitions and desires to be #1.  Who will emerge victorious and hold the true power of the Championship Belts!!!  Well unfortunately for Scooter McGavin and Honey Woods it won’t be them. Though they had a 2 stroke lead after 9 holes, Tony “Escopeta” and Tony “Clublength” combined to form TNT and simply became too hot to handle.  After the turn Escopeta and Clublength decided to dig deep into their souls and began to defy all odds.  The recharging of food and alcohol empowered their charge as they defeated McGavin and Woods by 2 strokes.  Though the match was shrouded in intense turmoil (running over a hat), controversy and a mulligan we do have our first weeks belt holders.


What are your thoughts?

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