Farmington Hills Golf Club Review

Farmington Hills Golf Course Score Cardprofilereview_farmingtonhills

Farmington Hills, Michigan – This week M.G.A visited Farmington Hills
Golf Club.  Rates are 18 holes for $31 M-F and weekends are $34
and cart fee of 15$. So we have to admit first driving by the course we
thought it was private so M.G.A never even attempted to golf here.
Thankfully its public!  The price is pretty spot on and worth it.  It is a
gorgeous course that is well maintained and has enough elevation
change and turns to keep you challenged and interested.  This course
also has a driving range that you can warm up on before you start.
Great layout and easy to access.
The staff was ok, bascally competent but cold. The starter was terribly rude
and irritating.  So my first hole was already blown up.  I will say though
that the staff inside the bar/restaurant was a night and day difference…
extremely friendly and bubbly it made up for the previous experience.
Also if you ever eat here at Greek Islands Bar and Grill order the
wings!  Amazing!

The first hole, is right off the back patio which is a great area to relax
unwind and watch other groups tee off when your round finishes. It’s a
par 4 with some tight tree lines to your left and right.  Overall though
the course is spacious and open.  The greens looked in great shaped
and had a wonderful texture to putt on.

A group favorite is the 5th hole par 3 where the green is on a little
peninsula,  it seems easy enough only being 91 yds away but the slope
of the green makes for an important placement which makes the hole
fun and challenging.
At the turn we stopped at the clubhouse like always. The clubhouse
seemed quite nice with a relaxed atmosphere. Definitely a fun spot
to just eat even if you don’t plan on golfing.  The staff inside was
Overall we felt the course was gorgeous with a pleasant layout it
flowed perfectly, a must play.  Just try to have as little interaction with
the starter as possible. Lastly we must say we didn’t see a beverage
cart until the 18th hole which was disappointing.

What are your thoughts?

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