The Golf Club at Mt Brighton Review


Brighton, Michigan – This week M.G.A visited The Golf Club at Mt Brighton.
Located on Bauer road this course was simple to reach being less than 2 miles off 96 freeway.  Rates are M-F 18 holes for $30 before 7:30 am and $39 dollars after.  Weekends are $40 before 7:30 am and $49 after.  The real deal though is going after 2:00 pm… only $29!  The course also has a driving range to hit some warm up shots before you tee off.  See how far you can hit it up the mountain!  The fun starts as soon as you begin your approach to the first hole.  Talk about drama, it’s about a 1100ft ascent that sets the tone for what is about to come.  We were thankful that all the golf carts are equipped with auto lock braking system… so your cart will never go rolling off if you forget to lock the brake.  The first hole is elevated I mean its up there!  It has a stunning view so make sure to take it all in before you go crushing your first shot.  I have to say that hole #1 was a definite highlight of the course!  The course looked nicely maintained.  Not immaculate but for being on a mountain I think the staff is doing a great job keeping it easy to play on.  The course is rolling but can get tight in quite a few places.  All the more challenging though so bring it on.  There is also a lot of water.  Hole #5 with a green as a peninsula seriously tests your accuracy.  The greens were well-groomed and a joy to putt on.  At the turn we ordered some food and beverage.  The bartender D was fun to joke with and great with sarcasm.
Also the beverage cart girl Miranda was another highlight of the course hard-working and extremely fast.  If she didn’t have the drink you wanted she made sure she would have it the next time she passed. Someone give her a raise!  Thank you!  Overall we felt the course was fun, memorable as well as challenging. The elevation changes generate an abundance of excitement as well as reward when you land a great shot.  The cart paths were a mini adventure going up and down the mountain and at one point through it.  Anyone that enjoys golf should play this course at least once.  The elevation changes are memorable and amazing!

What are your thoughts?

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