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So this week M.G.A found itself purchasing a rangefinder.  I will admit that I was quite
skeptical… I mean that’s why the yardages are marked on the courses right but we all
agreed it would be a fun product to try out and possibly enhance our game.  After
shopping around a bit the purchase was made.  Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder.  This is
what we were investing in.

•Slope compensation feature further enhances accuracy
•PinSeeker with JOLT Technology to confirm the laser has zeroed in on the flag
•Accurate to within 1-yard
•Provides instantaneous measurements in yards and meters
•5 yards-1,000 yards ranging performance (300+ yards to a flag)
•5x Magnification (objects appear 5x closer)
•New ergonomic design provides a comfortable, stable grip
•Posi-Thread Battery Door
•Weather-Proof Construction
•Industry leading 2-Year Warranty
Included accessories: Carry case, Skin, Battery
So finally opening the box and examining it,  I see its quality is precise and the weight of
it is perfect.  Fits in the hand comfortably and extremely intuitive to use.  The jolt
technology is great with that added confirmation that you are locked on your target.  I
noticed that after 2 holes of using it… my advantage disappeared because everyone
started asking to use it before every shot.  The +/- 1-yard… simply amazing and we all
noticed the difference immediately and were all delighted.  After a couple rounds of use I can honestly say it lowered my score.  I estimate between 2-3 strokes.  I normally shoot about 43 and now hovering around 40 sometimes breaking it.  I give this rangefinder 5 stars and will not play another round without it.
So this week with M.G.A  our guest player “Underage Joe” brought along a new golf tee.
TitTees Naked Lady Golf Tees… yes the title says it all.  We all pretty much burst out laughing because none of us had ever seen those tees before.  Definitely fun and entertaining in the tee box… a for sure laugh.  He used it the entire round though and it never broke… so maybe its more than just a novelty.
M.G.A decided to add some additional spice by using the Chromax Titanium golf ball for a
round.  The looks are quite flashy and in your face… but maybe that’s exactly what we needed. So from their website Chromax boasts its high visibility,  I can completely agree with them on that!  Its fun to watch its flight actually and amazingly easy to spot from a distance.  The only downfall is its playability.  I noticed about a 10-15 yard drop in distance off the tees.  The ball felt very solid… on the drive I’d say a bit too solid.  With irons seemed alright no complaints here.  I will say though I actually enjoyed putting with it.  It had a nice roll out on all my putts and looks great on carpet greens.
Ryan “Big Wood” broke the bank with the purchase of his swanky  Allen Edmonds Heritage golf shoes.  I’ll have to admit I was envious… They are a classy and gorgeous shoe.  White with chili wingtip accents and a Butyl water-resistant leather sole, he says they felt like walking on clouds.  He even went as far as saying those shoes helped shave a couple strokes off his game.  Hmmm…  he started to sound like an Air Jordan commercial. “It’s gotta be the shoes!”
I decided to save cash and not go the Allen Edmonds route.  I went Puma.  The
PUMA Men’s Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoe.  They fit like a glove but stay light and airy…
which keeps my feet quite comfortable and the were only $49.99 on amazon.  Just don’t wear them in rainy weather, you’ll thank me later.
Features include
• Breathable mesh golf shoe featuring transluscent formstrip overlay and zero drop
• CoolCELL breathable design
• Resilient FaasFoam+ comfort midsole
• EverTrack high-abrasion outsole
• SmartQuill spikeless traction with directional grip
Scooter McGavin went with Footjoy Freestyle Golf Shoes.  Scooter had nothing but good things to say.  “I’m on my feet all day at work and these shoes are like a foot vacation!” We all thought they looked pretty awesome and they suit him well because he is usually one of the better dressed golfers of M.G.A
Features include
• mesh
• Athletically inspired design equips golfers with a blend of comfort and mobility
• Lightweight performance mesh uppers deliver comfort, breathability and waterproof durability
• Tongue-Lok instep grip ensures additional slip resistance in a key location underneath tongue
• InnerSok system offers an Achilles pad for additional support and comfort in the heel counter
• Xtra-Thick shock absorbing Fitbed with HeelLok provides superior comfort and slip resistance
• SoftMax molded rubber utilize Pulsar Cleats to generate unprecedented grip

What are your thoughts?

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