Glen Oaks Country Club Review



Farmington Hills, Michigan – This week M.G.A visited Glen Oaks Country Club.
Located on 13 mile road this course is easy to access being so close to 96 freeway.  It can be misleading though with google maps, it sends you to the other side of the course.
Rates are 18 holes for $29 M-F and weekends are $33 including cart .  We felt it was a touch over priced but we must be paying for the greens upkeep because they were amazing!  The staff is cordial and the starter was quite relaxed and helpful to get us off to the tee box even with the mad rush in the morning.  Approaching the first hole which is across a quaint country bridge we could see it was a simple par 4, straight and wide open which is perfect for our game early in the morning.  It also helps because… unfortunately there is no driving range available at this course.  The course is spacious and open so you probably wont lose any golf balls which is a bonus but sometimes we like the visuals of lots of foliage and trees.  The greens were gorgeous and pristine which we were all in awe of.  The speed of the greens seemed to be on the quicker side.  A group favorite is the 6th hole par 3 where the green is on a serious incline which is a playful challenge to putt on or across from our experience.  Just don’t get frustrated if the putt just keeps rolling… we warned you.  At the turn we stopped at the clubhouse where we grabbed some food and drinks.  Ingrid was pleasant and bubbly when engaged in conversation.  The clubhouse seemed satisfactory and looked like a basic clubhouse.  On the back 9 it was much of the same flavor as the front, open and spacious.  Overall we felt the course was pleasant and simple but didn’t move you emotionally with beauty.  What does move you though is the quality of the greens!  Very impressive!  We recommend this course to all skill level of golfers especially beginners.  The openness allows you to recover from mishits and the spaciousness dissipates any pressure from groups playing behind you.

What are your thoughts?

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