Birthday Magic

It was  an amazing day for golf and when you are surrounded with great people it creates memories for a lifetime.  Thankyou to everyone and glad you all had fun!!  Here are some of the memories!!


Elusive Golden Bear Trophy

So this year it seems that everyone began to step up their game.  “Escopeta” began actual golf lessons “Big Wood” watched a lot of golf on his television and rest of us well… we attempted some indoor golf during the winter.  With greater competition calling for greater rewards, we introduce the elusive “Golden Bear Trophy”.  Highly regarded its earned only through overcoming 18 holes of fierce competition and rising to the top becoming the “crème de la crème”.  We have some catching up to do but this year opened up at Farmington Hills Golf Course.  I have a feeling that the trophy will be changing hands often as play gets extremely close. We are also giving out trophies for shots of the day! This week those were earned by “Big Wood” and “Scooter McGavin”. Great job gents!




Start of the season at Hilltop Golf Course

Well if you missed it…  Sunday was an amazing day to golf.  Some snow was a little bit stubborn but MGA made it work!  Hope to see everyone out on the courses soon, minus the snow.

2018 “Escopeta” will return

Just had to reminisce a classic

TopGolf at MGM

Yes we are still swinging.  The Michigan cold can’t stop MGA.  So with that we have to give a huge shout out to MGM Top Golf.  Amazing atmosphere that lets you and your friends feel like kings for a day.  Highly recommend visiting this place and if you can’t fix your slice you can always go downstairs to play some Mississippi Stud Poker!


MGA Championship Belts

We have a new quest at MGA.  A championship clash.. two man teams battling through their opponents ambitions and desires to be #1.  Who will emerge victorious and hold the true power of the Championship Belts!!!  Well unfortunately for Scooter McGavin and Honey Woods it won’t be them. Though they had a 2 stroke lead after 9 holes, Tony “Escopeta” and Tony “Clublength” combined to form TNT and simply became too hot to handle.  After the turn Escopeta and Clublength decided to dig deep into their souls and began to defy all odds.  The recharging of food and alcohol empowered their charge as they defeated McGavin and Woods by 2 strokes.  Though the match was shrouded in intense turmoil (running over a hat), controversy and a mulligan we do have our first weeks belt holders.


Bachelor Party at Royal Oak Golf Course

It was awesome to do a bachelor party at Royal Oak Golf Course.  Sending off one of our own with great friends and soon to be new family.  Amazing day and the course was gracious enough to fit us in.  Thankful and appreciative.

Breaking in Bay Pointe

Always fun to get the season rolling at Bay Pointe.  Great course and plush greens!   The food at the turn hits the spot too.

Links of Novi improving their game

This week playing at the Links of Novi we noticed the course was in better shape than it was a year ago.  That put a smile on all of our faces because it is such an enjoyable course.  We also enjoyed new upgraded golf carts at the course.  Definitely check it out.  The coolers on the carts are perfect!


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